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No Fault or contested – find the best divorce lawyer for you. Today, it is much easier to get a divorce in America, compared to a half century ago. Before 1950 it was difficult and expensive to get a divorce in the US.

“No-Fault Divorce” laws have mad getting a divorce much easier and cheaper. You can even get a divorce without a lawyer in some cases. Most people prefer to have their own attorney to help protect their interests. How can you locate a reliable, affordable divorce lawyer?

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Why should you base such a critical decision on the scanty information in a phone book ad? One source for attorney information is an attorney referral network (see the sidebar to the left). The lawyer referral services to the left are free to you, to help you find an attorney. These referral networks will help match you up with the best lawyer for you.

Once you find a lawyer, be sure to carefully discuss their services and fees. Watch out for flat rate divorce attorneys. If your case takes too long or becomes complicated or “messy”, they may be tempted to cut corners. Hopefully, this article and our links was some assistance.

Lastly, on a related note, If the non-custodial parent's social security number is known, he or she may be located through employment, banking or tax records.

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Also, on another related note, Apparently, people fleeing regions with high divorce and murder rates drive up real estate prices in the low divorce and murder areas.

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